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Accept Your Private Invitation to a 1-On-1 Resilience Accelerator Strategy Call To Help You Implement the Prayer Tool Guide and Gain Clarity And Confidence On How To Overcome Adversity, Generate Grit, And Understand The Purpose Of Your Life To Live It Fully - It's Free.

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Understand How To Overcome Adversity, Fulfill Your Life’s Greater Purpose To Live The Life You Are Meant To Enjoy.

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All of my coaching mentees use these sessions with me to clearly strategize their plans to help them overcome their roadblocks, grow their resilience, and rock their life's purpose!

But…for a limited time only…I am offering these private coaching sessions to students who are joining The Power Tools for Prayer Time to help them maximize their results when they access the Power Tools for Prayer Time.

This private session has a very specific purpose and that’s to help you get started quickly and get the most out of your Prayer Tools Guide and experience.


By helping you strategize a clear plan to overcome your trials while aligning it with the mission that God wants for you, you’ll be able to experience more resilience and greater joy in your life than ever before.

I’ve found that my new mentees are much more successful in their lives when we can hop together on a call to so that I help them understand how to use the Prayer Tools for Prayer Time in their lives in a way that aligns with their aspirations and current trial needs.

Complete this final step before moving on to your tools and training, so you’re set up for success!

Accept the invite for a private coaching session with me below absolutely FREE when you book your call today (You’ll only see this invite once.) During this session, you’ll get:


about the best way to face your current life with your current trials and pain, no matter how confusing it may seem.

A Strategy

on exactly what it is that you need to do to reach your final goal of living a joyful and peaceful life as a Christian.

A Clear

of what is happening to you and what you need to yet understand to win your toughest battles.


on what to do and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed or alone.


from someone who cares about you and wants you to rise up again.

Come and join me on a private call where I’m going to teach you how your Spirit, Will, Mind, Emotions, and Body relate to each other and how understanding them WILL help you recover quickly from trials and difficult times!


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© 2023 Liz Meyers - All rights reserved