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As you reconnect with God to live the life that you are meant to have, you must also understand how God works, what his mission is, and how to align yours to His.

The only way to truly overcome your deepest pains is by deepening your relationship with Him and your understanding of Him.

You want Him to hear you but He needs you to hear Him too.

Are you ready to do that?

Created for Victory

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Find the peace that comes from truly understanding how God works and what He wants you to accomplish by knowing your true identity, who your real enemy is, and why you should trust God even when some things don’t seem to make sense.

You can learn this today for 90% off or pay full price later, but you cannot continue to ignore this important piece of understanding your Savior and who your real enemy is to fully win your hardest battles.

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We all know that effective communication isn’t one-sided but many people still pray just to be heard and don’t listen.

Well… we all get lost in the business and trials of the world to a point that we don’t even care about it until it almost physically hurt.

Yes. During our darkest and loneliest moments.

However, we cannot emerge VICTORIOUS unless we are willing to listen to Him too.

Are you ready to accept the truth that you were CREATED FOR VICTORY?

If your goal is to overcome your struggles and fulfill your mission to ultimately live a happier, fulfilling, and peaceful life, then you cannot continue to ignore all the pieces that are essential to truly understand God once you’ve begun the process of reconnecting with Him.

And if you want your prayers to lead to MORE powerful experiences…then you must truly UNDERSTAND who you are trying to communicate with.

God knows you perfectly but you NEED to know Him better as well

Reconnecting with God WILL become a more powerful experience as you improve your communication skills with Him.

As you do, you will find yourself finally understanding what is truly happening in your life, who you should rely on, and what kind of fight you are up against.

Your goal is to trust God, do your best the right way, and let Him show you what He can do to change your life.

But unless you appreciate how He works and what His plan is, you will continue to struggle in your journey to find joy and peace in your life.


God knows you BETTER than anyone else, including yourself, so He knows what truly makes you happy.


…the problem is that… though you are willing to do what He wants you to do, you are not sure what to do…

You Are Not Sure If What HE Wants Is Truly What YOU Want.

You believe that God is JUST and KIND, and who can help you to get through your darkest moments, but…

  • You know God has promised victory, but it just feels so far from what you’re experiencing right now.
  • You feel repeatedly defeated, and it’s impossible to move forward.
  • You feel beaten up, but you can’t even see who’s throwing the punches at you…
  • ​You are not sure what God is expecting from you…
  • ​You are not sure if what He wants is what you want.

Above all, you don’t know if what He wants is something you are capable of doing.

But you DO KNOW that you DO need to do something.

As You Reconnect With God, You Need To Know God’s Purpose And Even Understand Who Your Real Enemy Is To Truly Find Peace And Purpose In Your Life.

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Would you like it if:

  • You had the confidence that no matter what happens you will emerge VICTORIOUS.
  • ​You not only knew who’s throwing those punches at you but you knew how to read them so you can have a better fight and your energy doesn't get wasted.
  • ​You knew how God wants to help you and what you need to do.
  • ​You knew your true identity and nothing could stop you from living a more fulfilling life.

Understand God’s Greater Purpose With Created for Victory.

A complete course to improve your journey of reconnecting with God by understanding Him better so you can find greater peace even during your darkest moments.

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Online Course

All the tools that you need to claim the victorious life you were created for!

This course has helped many struggling moms become resilient like never before!

Inside this incredibly high-value package you’ll get:

4 modules with a total of 12 lessons, 20 videos, and 4 application exercises:

  • Believe Anyway ~ Learn to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense.
  • Battle Ready ~ Focus on fighting the right battles against your real adversary.
  • Beautiful Savior ~ Understand why you need a hero and how to know Him better.
  • Beloved Warrior ~ Believe that the names God calls you are your true identity.
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Lifetime Access

Access for the lifetime of the product with any future updates added to you free of charge!

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From Undone to Undefeated Workbook

This exclusive workbook will help you personally apply each lesson so you can actually progress in your life AS YOU COMPLETE THIS PROGRAM!

It includes a place to take notes, brief relevant Bible studies, and focused prayer guides all-in-one to help you remember and apply all that you learn!

This includes 4 sections for each module:

  • LISTENING GUIDE: Deepen your listening and retaining skills with this guide without needing to repeat the track several times to understand the concept!
  • HANDOUTS: Enrich your understanding of the material so you can apply it better to your specific situation.
  • HEARTWORK: Essential to applying the truths you’ve learned to your own life so you can stand strong long after this course is over!
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Group Membership access

Get additional benefits of our exclusive Growing Godly Grit community.

You can ask questions, share what you've learned with others, and get personal access to me through the group posts, comments, and bonus videos!

Want to know what our members who have access to this course have to say? Check it out below!

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PLUS, you get these powerful BONUSES to complement your membership when you join TODAY:

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Undefeated: From Trial To Triumph (value $15)

Learn everything you need to get up, get filled up, be fired up, and claim the victory that belongs to you so you can stand strong, even when your world gets rocked.

Get the digital version of my best-selling book that lays the foundation for this course as an added bonus for joining today.

This book is a very distinct and complementary piece to this course. Yours for free!

Undefeated Discussion Guide (value $10)

Use this guide in your small group, Bible study, or book club to discuss together how you can claim the victory Jesus has won for you.

Questions are provided for each chapter so you can dig in deeper with your friends to further process the powerful life-changing truths of this book.

Life Is Not A Playground. It’s A Battle.

And having the wrong focus while dealing with your darkest moments won’t help you overcome them.

Are you ready to own a winning life with confidence, clarity, and peace side-by-side with your Savior?

Here's a summary of everything you get

Created for Victory

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  • 12 Lessons ($1,497)
  • 20 Videos (3 lessons, 1 exercise, 1 intro, & overall intro & outro) ($1,997)
  • 4 Application Exercises ($197)
  • ​Listening Guide ($197)
  • ​Handouts ($197)
  • ​Heartwork ($197)
  • ​Group membership benefits ($197)


  • ​BONUS: Undefeated (eBook): From Trial To Triumph (value $15)

Delivering You The Best Content Means Everything To Me, And That's Why I'm Giving You My…



My promise to you:

If you don't feel that this course provides you the knowledge you’ve been seeking to better understand God, I will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of your purchase.

More than anything, I want you to get to know God and his purpose. This is a very important step in overcoming your trial, trauma, or tragedy so that you can be free to live the victorious life for which you've been created.

If you learn what I’ve got to share in my course and membership, you will surely be able to trust God despite your doubts!

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